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Sunday, January 22, 2012

NFL Playoff Picks

Ravens at Patriots

I think this will be a great game between two great teams.  The Patriots offense will be hard to stop but the Ravens defense is one of the best in the NFL, and should be able to slow down the Patriots' two tight ends.  The Ravens do have a great run game, but I think the Patriots will be able to slow down Ray Rice.  I think the Patriots do have the advantage because they are at home.  This game will come down to the end, but I think the Ravens will win because I think they are the better team and the most complete team in the AFC. 

Giants at 49ers

This game is also going to be a very good game.  The Giants are on a roll after beating the defending Super Bowl champions, and the 49ers on motivated to win in front of their fans.  I think the Giants offense will do well, but the 49ers great defense should be able to slow down the Giants.  The 49ers should also be able to get a lot of pressure on Eli Manning with their great pass rushers.  I think the key of this game will be Frank Gore and his ability to run the ball.  If the 49ers can run the ball effectivley they should be able to win.  I think the 49ers will win the game because of their great defense and run game.

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