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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The College Football Four Team Playoff is Not Enough

Starting in 2014 college football will be using a four team playoff system to determine who will play for the National Championship instead of having computers pick two teams.  Using a playoff system is a step in the right direction for college football but it isn't enough.  College football should use an eight team playoff system, where the six main conferences champions get an automatic bid into the playoffs, and then have two wild card teams that are selected by a committee.  The two wild card teams and the seeding for the playoffs should be chosen based on their record, strength of schedule, and any head to head meetings between the teams.  College football has to reward the teams who win their conference championship games in the big six conference, and having them all make the playoffs is away to emphasize the importance of the championship games.  The playoff system will never satisfy everyone but an eight team playoff is the answer.  There will be less arguing on who deserves to get in if you have the six main conferences get an automatic bid and two other teams selected into the playoffs by a committee.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Milwaukee Panthers are Moving Back to the Klotsche Center

The Milwaukee Panthers announced that they are moving back to the Klotsche Center.  This move back to the Klotsche is a stupid decision.  The Klotsche Center only seats 3.500 people and it is below Horizon League standards, which requires the arena to seat 5,000 people, but the Horizon League decided to make an exception.  The Panthers will regret moving back to campus instead of paying to play at the US Cellular Arena, even though it was very expensive to play there, because students are still not going to come to the games and they will lose fan support.  Moving back to the Klotsche Center will also hurt their chances of moving into a better conference until they build a new arena on campus.  If the Panthers want to be a competitive and a respected basketball program they can't play in a high school gym.  No high school basketball player is going to want to come and play for the Panthers when they have awful facilities.  The Panthers should have continued to play at the US Cellular Arena, while they built a new arena on campus.  Until the Panthers play in an arena that is suited for a college team they will have trouble recruiting talented players, and they won't have support from students and fans.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Milwaukee Bucks Need to Strike Gold in the NBA Draft

The Milwaukee Bucks need to draft a player who will make an immediate impact right away and someone that will develop into a good starter in the future.  The Bucks can't draft a guy who will take years to develop into a bench player like Larry Sanders, or a player like Joe Alexander, who was a complete bust and is now flipping burgers at the local McDonalds.  The Bucks need to address their biggest need and draft Tyler Zeller.  He would be the best fit for the Bucks because he is experienced, tall, runs the floor very well, and has a great touch around the basket.  People think that Meyers Leonard would be a good player to draft because of his upside, but he isn't experienced, too much of a risk and wouldn't help the Bucks right away.  If the Bucks want to be competitive and have a chance to make the playoffs they need to draft Tyler Zeller.  If the Bucks decided not to draft Tyler Zeller or trade for an experienced center, the Bucks will be just as bad this year as they were last year, and it will be the last year Scott Skiles coaches the Bucks.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Milwaukee Brewers Should be Sellers at the Trade Deadline

The Brewers main focus should be trading Zack Greinke because the Brewers have no chance of resigning him at the end of the year, and they need to get prospects back that are close to the same quality they traded to acquire him last off season.  The Brewers need to acquire pitching prospects and a shortstop prospect since those are two of the weakest areas for the Brewers this year and in their farm system.  Teams will be willing to give up a top prospect and 2 above average to average prospects to acquire a former CY award winner in Zack Greinke, even if it is just a two month rental.....just like the Brewers did a few years ago when they traded for CC Sabathia.  Doug Melvin better be smart for once and look at the future and not the present.  If he doesn't pull the trigger and trade Zack Greinke to help the future he should be relived of his duties as GM.  The Douger has ruined the farm system grabbing for the "brass ring", and has basically fallen off the merry-go-round horse.  He really missed on giving the Brewers a realistic shot at making the playoffs this year.  I have difficulty buying the injury excuse.....please refer to Uncle Teddy up in Green Bay 2 seasons ago when he won a Super Title with a bunch of second and third stringers.  Doug Melvin has to realize that the Brewers are a small market team and should be built through the draft and not by over paying for veteran players, just like what Ted Thompson has done with the Green Bay Packers.  If Greinke and some other players aren't traded the Brewers won't be competitive for the next four years.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heat vs. Thunder in the NBA Finals

Since the start of the 2011-2012 NBA season there has been many surprises, but the one thing that doesn't surprise anyone is that the Heat and Thunder are the last two teams remaining in the playoffs because they are two of the most talented teams in the NBA.  The Thunder will win this series in seven games, but I wouldn't be surprised if they win the series in five or six games because the Thunder have more talent and a deeper bench than the Heat.  Kevin Durant will dominate this series and show why he is the best player in the game, and why he deserved the MVP award.  If the series goes only five or six games it will be because LeBron James will choke again in the finals, which wouldn't surprise anyone since he always chokes in the big games.  If the Heat want to win they have to attack the basket and get Sergi Ibaka in foul trouble, and if they don't they will lose this series.  The young and confident Thunder will beat the Heat to win the NBA Championships.

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