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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Peyton Manning's New Team

Let the bidding war begin!!  One of the best quarterbacks in NFL history is on the free agent market, after the Colts released Peyton Manning last week.  There are four teams, the Broncos, Cardinals, Dolphins, and Titans, who are all real possibilities to land Peyton Manning as their next quarterback.  I think that all of these teams have things that are good and bad about them.  I think the best team that is interested in Peyton Manning is the Broncos, but I don't think that he will end up signing with them.  I think there are two team that have the best chance of signing Peyton Manning and they are the Dolphins and Titans.

I felt when this whole free agent process started that Peyton Manning would end up signing with the Miami Dolphins because they are in the AFC, where Peyton Manning prefers to play, they have two well offensive minded coaches, they play in a warm environment, and they have a good chance of signing Reggie Wayne, to add to a good offense.  I also now fell that the Tennessee Titans have a good chance of signing him is because they are in the AFC,  they are trying to improve their offensive line, they have an owner who is committed to winning, and he would return to Tennessee were he had great success in college and were he is loved.  I feel that Peyton Manning will eventually decide to sign with the Titans because they are going to improve their team, and he will want to return to Tennessee were he will feel very comfortable playing.  The reason I feel the Dolphins won't sign him is because they will not want to wait for Peyton Manning to make his decision and will sign Matt Flynn.  Peyton Manning will return to Tennessee to play for the Titans and I think he will come back and have a great season.