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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life Without Andrew Bogut

Earlier this week the Milwaukee Bucks lost big man Andrew Bogut with another injury.  Andrew Bogut hasn't played a full season since his rookie year in his career due to multiple injuries, and he has averaged just 66 games per season coming into this year.  Andrew Bogut is an average center in the NBA and he hasn't lived up to the number one overall pick.  Andrew Bogut isn't worth his average salary of $12.1 million a year for a guy who has put up average stats (12.7 points per game, 9.4 rebounds per game, and 1.6 blocks per game) throughout his career and plays in an average of 66 games per season.  I think the Bucks need to move on from Andrew Bogut, and find someone who is a better center and CAN STAY HEALTHY! The Bucks shouldn't go out and trade for another center to try to replace Bogut this year because the Bucks aren't going to make the playoffs and if they do, they won't make it out of the first round.  The Bucks can be a good team without Bogut.  Drew Gooden can do a adequate job filling in for Bogut for the rest of the season.  I think the Bucks need to part ways with Bogut and find a center who will help this team win in the future along with staying healthy.  He might be a great guy, but you can't get the job done if you are always on IR.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

NFL Playoff Picks

Ravens at Patriots

I think this will be a great game between two great teams.  The Patriots offense will be hard to stop but the Ravens defense is one of the best in the NFL, and should be able to slow down the Patriots' two tight ends.  The Ravens do have a great run game, but I think the Patriots will be able to slow down Ray Rice.  I think the Patriots do have the advantage because they are at home.  This game will come down to the end, but I think the Ravens will win because I think they are the better team and the most complete team in the AFC. 

Giants at 49ers

This game is also going to be a very good game.  The Giants are on a roll after beating the defending Super Bowl champions, and the 49ers on motivated to win in front of their fans.  I think the Giants offense will do well, but the 49ers great defense should be able to slow down the Giants.  The 49ers should also be able to get a lot of pressure on Eli Manning with their great pass rushers.  I think the key of this game will be Frank Gore and his ability to run the ball.  If the 49ers can run the ball effectivley they should be able to win.  I think the 49ers will win the game because of their great defense and run game.

Friday, January 20, 2012

How the Brewers Spend Their Money

I was checking the Brewers player salaries for 2012, and do you know who the second highest paid Brewer is?  It is Rickie Weeks, who is scheduled to get paid $11 million this year, with Randy Wolf and Corey Hart almost getting paid $10 million each.  So tell Doug Melvin that we do have money to spend on Prince Fielder if we can pay three average players about $30 million this season.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

NFL Playoff Picks

Texans at Ravens

I think this game will not be very close at all.  The Texans won't be able to run the ball like they have been this year against the Ravens strong defense, and TJ Yates will make a lot of mistakes throwing the football.  The Ravens will be able to run the ball well with Ray Rice, and Joe Flacco will continue to play great in the playoffs.  I think the Ravens are the most complete team and the best team in the AFC.  That is why I think the Ravens will win in easy fashion. 

Giants at Packers

This game will be close like the last time these two teams played each other in the playoffs and in the regular season.  I think the Giants will come out motivated and the Giants stellar defensive line will play great against the Packers weak offensive line.  The Giants should also do pretty well on offense against the Packers, who have one of the leagues worst defenses.  I think Aaron Rodgers will come out a little slow because he hasn't played in three weeks, but after a few plays he should be back to playing at his MVP level like he has all year.  The Packers offensive line will need to protect Aaron Rodgers against the Giants defensive line, which I think is the best in the NFL.  The Packers receivers will also have to make plays and not drop any passes in order to win.  I think this game will be close and exciting, and the Packers will pull out the victory at home to move on to the next round. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NFL Playoff Picks

Saints at 49ers

I think this game will be a good game between to good teams.  The Saints passing game will do pretty well against the 49ers defense.  But the 49ers will not allow the Saints to run the ball at all, and they will make plays when they need to against the Saints passing game.  The 49ers, with Frank Gore will be able to run all over the Saints defense, and they will have a decent day from Alex Smith passing the ball.  The 49ers have a better defense and run game.  With the 49ers playing at home and their ability to slow down offenses, I think the 49ers will win.

Broncos at Patriots

I think this game will be a lot better than their previous meeting against each other in the regular season.  The Broncos have the momentum coming into this game with a win last week against the Steelers.  The Patriots do have a better offense, but there defense is one of the worst in the NFL.  I think the Broncos will be able to run the ball effectively and throw the ball well when they need to.  The Patriots will not be able to run the ball well, but they will have a good day passing the ball.  I think the Broncos ability to run the ball, and their ability to slow down good offenses, will be the difference in the game.  That is why I think the Broncos will win in this close game.

Monday, January 9, 2012

BCS Championship Game Prediction

I think that the BCS Championship game between Alabama and LSU will be like their previous meeting between each other this year.  That is why I would have rather have seen Oklahoma State against LSU because we already know what team is better, and what kind of game it will be.  If we could have seen LSU verses Oklahoma State I think it would have been fun and exciting, with Oklahoma State's high scoring offense versus LSU's stealer defense. 

This game tonight will be about Alabama's offense, especially their run game with Trent Richardson, and how they can beat LSU's defense.  I think Alabama will have a tough time against LSU's defense and won't be able to score a lot of points.  I think LSU has a better defense and their offense will do well with an experienced quarterback.  LSU should be able to do well on offense and should score a good amount of points.  I feel LSU will win the BCS Championship game against Alabama because of their great defense and experienced quarterback on offense.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

NFL Playoff Picks

Falcons at Giants

I think this is going to be a good game between two good teams.  I think both teams will do well offensively.  The Falcons will be able to do a pretty good job running the ball, and the Giants will throw the ball effectively.  I think the Giants defense will make plays when needed and the home field advantage will be huge.  That is why I think the Giants will be able to win the game.

Steelers at Broncos

I think this game will be close in the first quarter, but not much after that.  The Steelers offense will play well even with Mendenhall out and Roethlisberger playing hurt.  Their defense will play well as usual.  The Broncos will run the ball well to start, but the Steelers will figure it out and stop them.  Tim Tebow will not have a good day passing the ball, even though the Steelers secondary is weak.  I think the Steelers will win in easy fashion. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

NFL Playoff Picks

Bengals at Texans

I think Houston's defense will slow down Andy Dalton and their run game.  The Texans will be able to run at will on the Bengal's defense, and will throw the ball well if needed.  I think the Texans will win easily and move on to the next round of the playoffs.

Lions at Saints

I think this will be a close game, with a high score for both teams.  I think the Lion's defense will play a lot better than the Saint's D.  I think the Lions will be very motivated to win.  That is why I think the Lions offense will be too much for the Saint's defense.  The Lion's defense will make key plays when needed.  The Lions will win in a shoot out in New Orleans.

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The Milwaukee Panthers Look to Win Against in State Rival

Today the Milwaukee Panthers look to get a win against the Green Bay Phoenix at home.  The Panthers come into today having struggled in their last two games.  Both ending up in loses.  The Panthers need to shoot well from the line and they need to get more points in the paint.  The Panthers need to find away to control Green Bay's seven footer.  Western Michigan's low post player dominated the offensive end, scoring at will.  I think this is a must win today for the Panthers because they have been playing awful of late and they can't afford to lose another conference game.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Dallas Cowboys Need a Change

The Dallas Cowboys are no longer "America's Team."  They have been bad ever since winning the Super Bowl in 1995 with Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders.  The Cowboys no longer have the talent they did when they won the Super Bowl.  They have, at best, an average quarterback in Tony Romo, a bad coach in Jason Garrett - who "ices" his own kicker, and a defense that is getting old and lacks talent - other than DeMarcus Ware. 

The Dallas Cowboys should be called "America's Most Disappointing Team."  Ever since winning the Super Bowl, the Cowboys have a record of 130-126 and have only won one playoff game in the 16 years.  That's just flat out bad for any team, especially the Cowboys, who have only been to the playoffs seven times in the last sixteen years.  The record the Cowboys have in the playoffs would cost many coaches and general managers their jobs.  But Jerry Jones keeps hiring coaches that are unproven or who haven't been successful for previous teams, except Bill Parcells.  Jerry Jones also won't step down as general manager, and hire someone who has a successful track record at handling the duties of general manager.

In my opinion, I think that the only way that the Dallas Cowboys will again be a top team in the NFL, will be when Jerry Jones quites acting like an Al Davis and hires a general manager who knows what they are doing.  Until Jerry Jones does this, the Dallas Cowboys will be an average team in the future and won't perform well in the playoffs.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Panthers Look to Get Back on Track

The Milwaukee Panthers look to get back on track with a win tonight on the road against Western Michigan.  The Panthers have struggled of late, loosing against Butler on Saturday because of poor free throw shooting and poor offensive play.  The Panthers need to be able to make free throws down the stretch and capitalize on their open looks.  I am still waiting for a break out game from Evan Richards.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Packers beat the Lions 45-41 with a Surprising Star

The Green Bay Packers came into Sunday's home game against the Detroit Lions with a record of 14-1 and and a bye in the first week of the playoffs.  With nothing to play for Coach Mike McCarthy decided to rest many of his star players, including possible MVP Aaron Rodgers.  Many people thought with Matt Flynn as the starting quarterback, that the Packers would run the ball most of the time. 

The Packers ended up throwing the ball almost 65% of the time.  Matt Flynn had a career and historic day,  passing for 480 yards and 6 touchdown, with a NFL Quarterback rating of 136.4.  His only bad play of the game was an interception caught by Alphonso Smith.  Matt Flynn broke both Packer records for passing yards and touchdowns in one game.  He also became only the second quarterback in NFL history to throw for six touchdown passes in a game with a fourth quarter comeback and game winning drive.  The Packers now go into the playoffs on a role with the best record in the NFL at 15-1.