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Sunday, January 8, 2012

NFL Playoff Picks

Falcons at Giants

I think this is going to be a good game between two good teams.  I think both teams will do well offensively.  The Falcons will be able to do a pretty good job running the ball, and the Giants will throw the ball effectively.  I think the Giants defense will make plays when needed and the home field advantage will be huge.  That is why I think the Giants will be able to win the game.

Steelers at Broncos

I think this game will be close in the first quarter, but not much after that.  The Steelers offense will play well even with Mendenhall out and Roethlisberger playing hurt.  Their defense will play well as usual.  The Broncos will run the ball well to start, but the Steelers will figure it out and stop them.  Tim Tebow will not have a good day passing the ball, even though the Steelers secondary is weak.  I think the Steelers will win in easy fashion. 

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