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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life Without Andrew Bogut

Earlier this week the Milwaukee Bucks lost big man Andrew Bogut with another injury.  Andrew Bogut hasn't played a full season since his rookie year in his career due to multiple injuries, and he has averaged just 66 games per season coming into this year.  Andrew Bogut is an average center in the NBA and he hasn't lived up to the number one overall pick.  Andrew Bogut isn't worth his average salary of $12.1 million a year for a guy who has put up average stats (12.7 points per game, 9.4 rebounds per game, and 1.6 blocks per game) throughout his career and plays in an average of 66 games per season.  I think the Bucks need to move on from Andrew Bogut, and find someone who is a better center and CAN STAY HEALTHY! The Bucks shouldn't go out and trade for another center to try to replace Bogut this year because the Bucks aren't going to make the playoffs and if they do, they won't make it out of the first round.  The Bucks can be a good team without Bogut.  Drew Gooden can do a adequate job filling in for Bogut for the rest of the season.  I think the Bucks need to part ways with Bogut and find a center who will help this team win in the future along with staying healthy.  He might be a great guy, but you can't get the job done if you are always on IR.

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