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Sunday, January 15, 2012

NFL Playoff Picks

Texans at Ravens

I think this game will not be very close at all.  The Texans won't be able to run the ball like they have been this year against the Ravens strong defense, and TJ Yates will make a lot of mistakes throwing the football.  The Ravens will be able to run the ball well with Ray Rice, and Joe Flacco will continue to play great in the playoffs.  I think the Ravens are the most complete team and the best team in the AFC.  That is why I think the Ravens will win in easy fashion. 

Giants at Packers

This game will be close like the last time these two teams played each other in the playoffs and in the regular season.  I think the Giants will come out motivated and the Giants stellar defensive line will play great against the Packers weak offensive line.  The Giants should also do pretty well on offense against the Packers, who have one of the leagues worst defenses.  I think Aaron Rodgers will come out a little slow because he hasn't played in three weeks, but after a few plays he should be back to playing at his MVP level like he has all year.  The Packers offensive line will need to protect Aaron Rodgers against the Giants defensive line, which I think is the best in the NFL.  The Packers receivers will also have to make plays and not drop any passes in order to win.  I think this game will be close and exciting, and the Packers will pull out the victory at home to move on to the next round. 

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