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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Prediction

Ravens vs. 49ers

This Super Bowl is one of the more anticipate match ups in recent years because the Harbaugh brothers are facing each other, and this will be Ray Lewis' final game in his career.  Both of these teams are similar to each other because they are run first teams with solid quarterbacks and offensive lines, they have outstanding defenses, decent special teams, and great head coaches.  This will be a very close game, and it will come down to the last few minutes of regulation.  The Ravens will win this game 24-21 with Ray Lewis winning the Super Bowl MVP Award because they will have more explosive plays, they have more experience than the 49ers do, and their passion to send Ray Lewis out on top will be to much for the 49ers to handle.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Should the Milwaukee Bucks Do With Monta Ellis

Entering the 2012-2013 NBA season, the Milwaukee Bucks' backcourt duo in Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings were suppose to lead the Milwaukee Bucks to the playoffs and at least the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference.  After starting the season with an impressing 6-2 record, the Bucks have struggled lately with a 22-18 record and have recently fired their head coach, Scott Skiles.

Even though together these two players give the Bucks the quickest backcourt in the NBA, Jennings and Ellis are two similar players, who don't fit well together.  The answer to this situation would be to trade either players, more likely Monta Ellis, but trading Ellis wouldn't be a smart decision for the Bucks.  

The Milwaukee Bucks, even with their struggles, are still in the playoff race and if the Bucks would trade Ellis, they would most likely not get any talented young players but instead a bad contract or players who wouldn't be able to fill in for the lost production of Ellis.  Monta Ellis has a player option for next season for $11 million and he is likely to opt out of his contract because he doesn't really like being in Milwaukee, and he thinks he can get more money on the open market because according to him he is a very similar player to Dwyane Wade.

The Milwaukee Bucks shouldn't trade Monta Ellis because the Bucks are still in the playoff race and if they were to trade him, they wouldn't receive enough talent to make them an even better team then they already are.  The best answer is to just stick with Ellis the rest of the season and see how far they can get because at the end of the season he will decline his option and he won't be back.  Next season the Bucks will be able to use the $11 million dollars they save from Ellis or other players they would trade for, to try to sign Jennings to an extension and/or use it to bring in free agents that will help this team to be competitive for the years to come.  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

49ers vs. Falcons

Last week, Matt Ryan was lucky enough to get his first playoff win in his career, after the Seahawks didn't show up to play at all in the first half.  This week will be different for the Falcons because they are facing the 49ers, who are the best overall team in the NFC.  If the Falcons want to win, their defense has to find away to stop the 49ers from running the read-option.  If Colin Kaepernick is able to run the ball similar to how he did last week against the Packers, the 49ers will easily win this game.  The 49ers' defense and running game will continue to play well, and they will beat the Falcons 35-27, to secure a berth to the Super Bowl.

Ravens vs. Patriots 

This will be the second consecutive season that the Ravens and Patriots meet in the AFC Championship Game.  In order for the Ravens to win this year, Joe Flacco will have to continue to play well, and take advantage against the Patriots' weak secondary.  Two things that will determined the outcome of this game will be time of possession and special teams.  Whichever team is able to control the time of possession, by running the ball effectively, and being able to get good field possession, by making plays on special teams will win this game.  For the second consecutive year this game will come down to the very end, but this year the Ravens will win 24-21.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

Seahawks vs. Falcons

Matt Ryan still has no playoff wins in his career and he will have a very tough time winning today against the red hot Seattle Seahawks.  The Falcons should be prepared for today's game after having a bye last week, but Seattle's physical cornerbacks and running game will be very tough to beat.  If the Falcons want to win this game their defense needs to step up and be able to stop Marshawn Lynch.  The Seattle Seahawks will win this game 35-24 because the Seahawks running game will be to much for the Falcons' defense and Matt Ryan will have trouble throwing the ball down field to his receivers.

Texans vs. Patriots

These two teams met in Week 14 and the Patriots complete destroyed the Texans, winning 42-14.  This game will be more competitive and physical, but it is really hard to pick against the Patriots at home.  The Patriots have the best offense in football, and their passing game will be just to much to handle for the Texans.  Tom Brady will have a great day throwing for over 300 yards and he will lead the Patriots to a 34-24 victory over the Texans.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

Ravens vs. Broncos 

The Denver Broncos are the best overall team in the NFL and they will show why they are today against the Ravens.  These two teams met in Week 15, and it was pretty obvious who was the better team.  The Broncos were up 31-3 at the end of the third quarter before the Ravens scored two meaningless touchdowns in the fourth quarter, giving the Broncos only a 34-17 victory.  Nothing has significantly changed from the Week 15's matchup and I don't see the Ravens all of a suddenly finding away to be able to beat the Broncos at home.  In what will be Ray Lewis' final football game in his career, the Denver Broncos will win 28-17.

Packers vs. 49ers

These two teams met in Week 1, but we can throw that game out the window because both of these teams are very different now, than they were in Week 1.  Alex Smith is no longer the starting quarterback for the 49ers, and the Packers running game and defense is vastly improved.  The biggest key to this game will be San Francisco's All-Pro defensive end Justin Smith.  If he is able to play, it will take the 49ers defense to the next level, and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offensive line will struggle.  With out him, the 49ers defense will have troubles getting to Aaron Rodgers, which will allowing him to find receivers down field.

Colin Kaepernick won't have an easy day either, going up against the Packers' elite cornerback trio.  Sam Shields has only allow 21 of 44 passes thrown his way to be completed, and when Shields has been out Tramon Williams and Casey Hayward have played outstanding.  Casey Hayward hasn't allow a touchdown reception all year, and when quarterbacks have thrown in his direction they have had a NFL worst 31.1 QB rating.

The 49ers have been a great team in the regular season, but when the game is late can the inexperienced Colin Kaepernick make the throws he needs to or will he make mistakes?  I feel the pressure will be to much for the inexperienced quarterback, and the Packers will win 31-30.

Monday, January 7, 2013

BCS National Championship Game Prediction

Tonight's game between Alabama and Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship Game will be one of the most boring National Championship games we have seen if quite awhile because the Crimson Tide will destroy the Irish.  Alabama, who has no glaring weaknesses on both sides of the ball, is proven and has experience, unlike Notre Dame who has been overrated and uncompetitive for the past six years.  If Notre Dame wants to win they have to play physical and be able to stop Alabama's running game.  Notre Dame's offense also needs quarterback Everett Golson to be able to make plays by running the ball and throwing the ball down field.  This game won't be very close and Alabama will win 31-14.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

Colts vs. Ravens 

The Colts and Ravens are both equal in talent, but experience and home field advantage will be the difference in this game.  If Andrew Luck and the Colts want to win, they have to play smart and they can't turn the ball over in key situations.  The Colts' defense also has to be able to control Ray Rice and force Joe Flacco to throw the ball down field.  In Ray Lewis' final home game as a Raven, the Ravens will beat the Colts in a close and physical game.

Seahawks vs. Redskins 

The Seahawks and Redskins are both very similar because their offense is focused around running the ball, down the opponent's throat.  These two teams also have defenses that are physical and tough to beat.  This game will come down to how Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III are able handle the playoff pressure, and how they perform late in the game.  Today's game will be close and exciting, but the home field advantage will be the main reason why the Redskins are able to win this game.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

Bengals vs. Texans

This game will not be very close because the Texans have been struggling of late and have gone 1-3 down the stretch, while the Bengals have all the momentum, after winning seven out of their last eight games.  If the Bengals are able to control J.J. Watt, Andy Dalton and A.J. Green will be unstoppable, and they will have one of the best passing they have ever had.  The Bengals will win in a landslide because Matt Schaub will continue to struggle, while the Bengals' offense will role all over the Texans' defense.

Vikings vs. Packers

The Packers are playing the Vikings for the second straight week, but this time the game is at Lambeau Field, where the Packers are always tough to beat.  If the Packers want to win, their offense has to continue to play well, and their defense has to force the Vikings to throw the ball.  The Vikings, who barely beat the Packers at home last week, will struggle in the cold weather, and the lack of experience in the playoffs will hurt them.  The Packers will win this game because they have home field advantage, playoff experience, and they are overall the better team, with the best quarterback in the NFL.