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Saturday, January 12, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

Ravens vs. Broncos 

The Denver Broncos are the best overall team in the NFL and they will show why they are today against the Ravens.  These two teams met in Week 15, and it was pretty obvious who was the better team.  The Broncos were up 31-3 at the end of the third quarter before the Ravens scored two meaningless touchdowns in the fourth quarter, giving the Broncos only a 34-17 victory.  Nothing has significantly changed from the Week 15's matchup and I don't see the Ravens all of a suddenly finding away to be able to beat the Broncos at home.  In what will be Ray Lewis' final football game in his career, the Denver Broncos will win 28-17.

Packers vs. 49ers

These two teams met in Week 1, but we can throw that game out the window because both of these teams are very different now, than they were in Week 1.  Alex Smith is no longer the starting quarterback for the 49ers, and the Packers running game and defense is vastly improved.  The biggest key to this game will be San Francisco's All-Pro defensive end Justin Smith.  If he is able to play, it will take the 49ers defense to the next level, and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offensive line will struggle.  With out him, the 49ers defense will have troubles getting to Aaron Rodgers, which will allowing him to find receivers down field.

Colin Kaepernick won't have an easy day either, going up against the Packers' elite cornerback trio.  Sam Shields has only allow 21 of 44 passes thrown his way to be completed, and when Shields has been out Tramon Williams and Casey Hayward have played outstanding.  Casey Hayward hasn't allow a touchdown reception all year, and when quarterbacks have thrown in his direction they have had a NFL worst 31.1 QB rating.

The 49ers have been a great team in the regular season, but when the game is late can the inexperienced Colin Kaepernick make the throws he needs to or will he make mistakes?  I feel the pressure will be to much for the inexperienced quarterback, and the Packers will win 31-30.


  1. the niners one isn't possible david akers/billy cundiff won't get three field goals

    1. Why do you say that? The Packers defense has been playing well and I think the 49ers will have trouble scoring in the red zone.

  2. Your predictions suck

    How could you possibly think the 49ers would lose to the Packers after the 49ers have destroyed all the one dimensional passing teams this season ON THE ROAD.

    Peyton Manning sucks in the postseason, the Ravens are as healthy as they have been all season, and the Broncos as a whole are totally overrated. They play in the worst division in the NFL and each time they played a quality team, they lost. The Ravens game earlier in the season was when many key players were still injured.

    The Seahawks aren't nearly as good on the road. If RG3 didn't go down in the Redskins game, they would have lost. The Seahawks, although I knew they would probably stay in the game the whole time, would not beat the Falcons in the dome.

    Patriots/Texans I agree with just because the Texans have many key players down from injury and that Texans team isn't the same as they were in the middle of the season

    1. I know, it was a rough week and some teams did play well as they are capable of playing. The Packers didn't prepare well at all for the 49ers and if they would have at least slowed Kaepernick down they would have won. The Broncos were the best team in the NFL and they should have won at home. The Seahawks were on a roll and I thought they would run all over the Falcons D. If they would have played a little better in the first half, they would have won.

      Thank you for reading and the comment.