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Saturday, January 19, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

49ers vs. Falcons

Last week, Matt Ryan was lucky enough to get his first playoff win in his career, after the Seahawks didn't show up to play at all in the first half.  This week will be different for the Falcons because they are facing the 49ers, who are the best overall team in the NFC.  If the Falcons want to win, their defense has to find away to stop the 49ers from running the read-option.  If Colin Kaepernick is able to run the ball similar to how he did last week against the Packers, the 49ers will easily win this game.  The 49ers' defense and running game will continue to play well, and they will beat the Falcons 35-27, to secure a berth to the Super Bowl.

Ravens vs. Patriots 

This will be the second consecutive season that the Ravens and Patriots meet in the AFC Championship Game.  In order for the Ravens to win this year, Joe Flacco will have to continue to play well, and take advantage against the Patriots' weak secondary.  Two things that will determined the outcome of this game will be time of possession and special teams.  Whichever team is able to control the time of possession, by running the ball effectively, and being able to get good field possession, by making plays on special teams will win this game.  For the second consecutive year this game will come down to the very end, but this year the Ravens will win 24-21.

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