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Friday, April 12, 2013

Carlos Quentin Thinks He is a WWE Wrestler

San Diego Padres' slugger Carlos Quentin rushed the mound on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers and wrestled right-handed pitcher Zack Greinke to the ground.  This lead to a benches clearing brawl, and left Greinke with a left collarbone injury.

This happened in the sixth inning during a 3-2 count, with Quentin being hit in the shoulder.  Usually the blame would be all on the pitcher, but in this case it should be put completely on Quentin.  Quentin has been hit 116 times over his career, with a few occasions because it was intentional, but mostly because he crowds the plate.  There was no reason to believe Greinke was intently throwing at him in a one run game and Quentin needs to be punished for his actions.

Zack Greinke is mostly likely going to miss around two months due to this injury and it will definitely derail the Dodgers season.  Suspending Carlos Quentin for 15 games without pay is only fair because he charged the mound and injured an opposing pitcher, and this injury will force Greinke to miss around 15 starts.

Major League Baseball needs to make a statement with this suspension and show other players that you cannot get away with intentionally injuring an opposing player by suspending Quentin for 15 games.  

How long do you think Carlos Quentin should be suspended?  Comment below with your thoughts.  


  1. Quentin should be suspended no doubt in my mind. He has been hit 115 116 counting this one, and is known for crowding the plate so i am guessing being hit by a pitch for the 116 time is the last straw that is idiotic. He is a grown man handle it like one!
    P.S. Carlos Quentin GOOD LOOK IN LA

    1. Carlos Quentin will be hated in LA and will be booed just as bad as Ryan Braun. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. I think the penalty Quentin got was fair. Greinke needed to either be aggressive or protect himself. He did neither. The Dodgers won't forget this....and I have a feeling Quentin will get a spanking from a big old Dodger Blue ouckie spoon for losing control of his emotions in the future.

    1. Greinke should not have needed to do either of those two things. There is NO reason why Quentin should have charged the mound! Quentin will be hated just as much as Ryan Braun, if not even more, and I would not be surprised if the Dodgers do drill him the next time they face the Padres.