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Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012-2013 NFL Preview: AFC North

The Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers are the two best teams in the AFC North and they will battle the whole season for first place.  These teams will be very close but the Ravens will win this division.  The Ravens have a bit of an easier schedule with a better running game and defense, which will carry them throughout the season.  The Steelers offense needs to be able to run the ball a lot better and their offensive line needs to protect Big Ben if they want to be a complete and competitive team.  For a second consecutive season the Bengals and the Browns will be at the bottom of the AFC North division.  The Bengals had a good season last year but they got lucky to have nine wins because they didn't beat a single playoff team.  I expect the Bengals to be an average team this season and at most they will win seven or eight games.  There is no question that the Browns are awful and that they will only end up with at most three wins.  The Browns offense will struggle with a rookie quarterback in Brandon Weeden, but their defense will be the strength of their team.  Even with a average defense and a good offensive line I can't see them improving their record from last season.  This division will be a two team race the whole season but the Ravens will this division.

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