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Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012-2013 NFL Preview: AFC East

The AFC East will not be a very competitive division this season.  The Patriots will win this division again this season with 12 or 13 wins, and the Bills will come in second with 10 wins.  I don't expect the Jets or the Dolphins to be very competitive teams this season, and both of them will have a below .500 record.  For the Patriots to be a great team they have to improve their defense from last year, and they need to be able to run the ball more consistently.  The Bills improved their defense and were able to keep some of their explosive offensive talent this offseason, and they will be an improved team from last season.  The Jets and Dolphins won't be competitive become they have below average quarterbacks and awful offenses.  With the easiest schedule in the NFL, the Patriots will win the AFC East.

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