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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The UW-Milwaukee Panthers Need a New Baseball Stadium

The UW-Milwaukee's men baseball team is the only Division I baseball program in Wisconsin, and it currently plays at Henry Aaron Field, which is a poor excuse for a high school field.  Building a new baseball stadium needs to be the number one priority for the athletic department, and something that would really help the program with recruiting, and getting more fans to come and support the team.  UWM's best option would be playing at Miller Park, but that is probably not going to happen due to money and because in the past the Brewers have been against allowing them to play their entire schedule their.  The Panthers most realistic option would be to build a new stadium near campus that would seat around two-thousand people, and would look like a smaller minor league stadium.  If the Panthers are able to build this stadium in the upcoming years it would help with recruiting and getting more fans to come out and support the Panthers.


  1. So what do you think? Should UWM buy the Cell? In my opinion, the KC experiment hasn't worked. If UWM gets creative...they could really make the Cell the place to be for Panther fans.

  2. I feel they should buy the U.S. Cell, but they would have to make it more modern. They would have to add restaurants and other things to make it a place that is fun, but also a place that the university can make money on. Anything would be better than playing the the KC.