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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why the Milwaukee Brewers Should Sign LaTroy Hawkins

Last winter the Milwaukee Brewers let LaTroy Hawkins leave, as he signed a one year deal with the Los Angeles Angels.  The Brewers made an awful decision by letting him go after he was a key pitcher to the Brewers' bullpen success in 2011, when he had a 3-1 record with a 2.42 ERA and 20 holds in 52 appearance.  

LaTroy Hawkins, who will turn 40 years old in December, had a record of 2-3 last season with a 3.64 ERA, one save and six holds in 42 innings.  Even though his numbers weren't as good as 2011, the Brewers should strongly consider signing Hawkins.  With multiple holes in their bullpen, LaTroy Hawkins would be a good fit because he is a veteran pitcher who has had good success in the National League and as a Brewer.


  1. I agree, he would provide veteran leadership in the bullpen...and I hope the Brewers are going to need that because they'll stock their bullpen with young, hard throwing arms. I wory about his age, and his decresing stats from 2011 to 2012. We don't need any fat old men who can't throw out in the pen. But I guess we don't need any young thin men who can't throw out in the pen either. Here's a question for ya Mr. III....does "The Ax" bounce back????

  2. No I don't think John Axford will bounce back, but he will be the closer going into the season, until he really struggles. If I was the Brewers I would try to sign Ryan Madson or Joakim Soria, just in case Axford has another awful season.