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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Albert Pujols' Struggles Continue

To start the season Albert Pujols has really lived up to his massive contract he signed this off season with the Los Angeles Angels.  Albert Pujols, the best player in the MLB today, is batting .191 with a league leading ZERO home runs and five runs batted in coming into today's game.  He should be lucky that he is Albert Pujols, otherwise he would have already been sent down to the minors because statistically he is the worst player in the American League.  He has the lowest batting average, on base and slugging percentage in the American League.  His hitting mechanics are off, supposedly he is uncomfortable without his family in L.A., since they are back in St. Louis, and he is pressing to live up to his huge contract.  That is why I thought he would have gone back to the Cardinals this off season since he is comfortable their, but instead he decided to go to the team that offered him the most money, which was the Angels.  His hitting will eventually come back to being an average hitter, but I think his career his on the decline.  I would not be surprised if this season he only hits 20-25 home runs, 95 RBIs, and has an average of .250.  Without Albert Pujols hitting at an MVP level the Angels will be lucky enough to just win a wild card spot this season.

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  1. That HUGE contract has to put pressure on him to perform. Plus, I think the having a bit of difficulty transitioning to a new team, league, and city. He's out of his comfort level right now. Prince going to the Tigers isn't the same sort of situation.

  2. Tonight Josh Hamilton hit more home runs in one game (4 homeruns) than Albert has hit all year. Hamilton hit better tonight than Pujols has hit all season.