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Friday, April 6, 2012

American League Preview

American League East

The Red Sox, Yankees and Rays are all great teams, and are capable of winning the AL East.  The Rays have one of the best starting rotations in the league and some good offensive players.  The Yankees will struggle at times because they are the oldest team in the MLB.  The Red Sox will struggle because of their weak end of the rotation pitchers and relief pitching, but I think they have one of the best lineups in the majors, which could help carry them through out the year.  The Rays will win this division because of their great young pitching and good offensive.

American League Central

This division won't be competitive at all.  The Tigers will easily win the AL Central because of their great lineup, and because they have Justin Verlander and some good young starting pitching.  The Indians will have a shot at winning but I don't think they will be able to win the division because of their young and inexperienced pitching staff. 

American League West

The Rangers and Angels will be the two teams fighting for the division the whole season.  Both these teams have a great lineup and pitching staff.  The Rangers have the better lineup because they have younger players and a left handed power hitter, compared to the Angels older lineup with all of its power hitters batting right handed.  The Rangers will win the division because they are more experienced and they have a little bit better of a team overall.

American League Wild Card

The Angels will win one of the wild cards spots.  The Angels could easily win their division, but I think they will fall just short.  They should easily win the wild card because they have a great starting rotation.  The Red Sox will win the other wild card spot because of their great offense.  I think the Yankees could win the wild card, but because of their old age, which will led to injuries.  The Yankees and maybe the Indians have are the only other teams that have a chance of winning a wild card spot.

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